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Vented Skylights


Vented skylights are available in various forms. 

The passively vented skylight allows a transfer of air into the room, however if a greater volume of air transfer is required then a mechanically vented skylight is an option.

This is available in two options:


  • Larger traditional skylights with the exhaust fan installed on the dome or
  • Smaller skylights where the mechanical ventilation is separate to the skylight.

Mechanically Vented Skylights

  • By combining the exhaust fan in the skylight it removes the need to have a skylight for the light and then a separate exhaust fan at the ceiling.
  • These units are especially suitable for bathrooms, laundries and kitchens.
  • The exhaust fan has a ball bearing motor for continuous running and is a completely weatherproof unit designed especially for skylight domes.
  • At the ceiling there is a glocell diffuser, also known as an eggcrate diffuser. This allows the transfer of air from the room below to the exhaust fan in the skylight.

An Exhaust fan can be installed in skylight dome


venteddiff.jpg A vented skylight has a glocell diffuser at the ceiling to allow the transfer of air from the room below.
Standard skylights have a prismatic diffuser at the ceiling. The myriad of prisms are designed to diffuse the light evenly over a wide area


Combo Ventilation with Skylight:


Ventilated skylights are ideal where ventilation and light is required as a combination. This can apply in bathrooms, ensuites, laundries, kitchens and other rooms.


  • In wet rooms they remove moisture and steam keeping them dry
  • In rooms with a stale air environment, they promote fresh air circulation
  • In kitchens they can assist in extracting out cooking smells.


Tubular_Skylights_with_motorised_vent.jpg            Tubular Skylights with motorised vent
Tubular Skylights with wind driven vent
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