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Using Paint to Improve Your Skylights

Using-Paint-to-Improve-Your.jpgSkylights are is a great addition to a building, office or home. They let in natural light, which various studies have shown that it increases morale, productivity and overall well being. Skylights also lower power consumption as they reduce the need for artificial lighting, which also saves money. Have you ever considered using paint to improve your skylights? Hold on.

The problem with skylights

As much as skylights bring in natural light and lighten the mood of your living room, they have their downside.

1. The glare

Skylights can let in too much light and glare, which destroys both visibility benefits and productivity. The glare can be quite annoying especially with the overhead sunshine penetrating right into your living room. Devices such as blinds, covers and shades have been used to mitigate this undoing, but they have their downside too.

2. Solar heat loss

Skylights in the roof can lose up to 45% or more heat during a typical cold weather day. This is because as heated warm air in the house rises, it comes in contact with the cold skylight surface. The cooled air then drops back, forming a continuous loop that can be somewhat uncomfortable.

3. Heat gain

Skylights let in up to four times the amount of heat compared to a standard window in summer. This is because they are high and more exposed to summer sun compared to the relatively vertical windows. This overheating can get more uncomfortable in hot weather with plain skylights that lack shading, covering or painting.

The solution?

Well, many technologies have been employed to resolve the above undoing qualities of skylights. Such technologies include use of window films, blinds, shades and covering. Each of these techniques have there own negatives and positives. Covers tend to have a short life span when exposed to weather conditions. Blinds and shades on the other hand are relatively expensive, break easily and need regular maintenance cleaning.


A relatively new technique of combating the above skylight challenges is use of reflective paints. Using paint to improve your skylights comes with lots of advantages, and it is quickly gaining popularity.


Benefits of Using Paint to Improve Your Skylights

  • Reflective skylight paints can reduce the glare and heat coming to your living room by almost two-thirds. They soften and diffuse the light making your skylights more pleasant.

  • They are relatively cheaper compared to shades and blinds

  • Skylight painting offers an easy to maintain, long term and effective way for facility managers, homeowners and others to get the most out of their skylights

  • Skylight paint is specially designed to overcome peeling off, failing or fading when applied to glass or polycarbonate.

  • Using paint to improve your Skylights also comes with the benefits of shielding you from the damaging ultraviolet and infrared light that comes with natural sunrays.

If you are considering improving your skylights and harnessing the benefits that comes along, applying paint maybe just the smartest choice to go with. Be sure to choose quality paint designed specifically for skylight painting.

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