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Tubular Daylighting Systems Review

Tubular_Daylighting_Systems.jpgInstalling a skylight is an easy way to let natural light into your home to create an ambience of comfort and warmth, and also to save considerably on your lighting bills. If you want a quality product that gives you great performance, last long and comes at an attractive price point, you might want consider the Tubular Daylighting Systems range of skylights available at Direct Skylight Supplies. These skylights are specially built to make the most of the available sunlight, and come packed with features that would make your skylight usage experience a delightful one.



  • The Tubular Daylighting Systems skylights come with a world class patented Solar Lens dome- a proprietary technology which makes use of reflex optic technology to ensure that the maximum amount of light is collected and let through, even during low-light phases and in winter. The top region blocks harmful UV radiation and you can choose between acrylic and polycarbonate as material.

  • These are a perfect fit for any design or material used in roofs, and can be perfectly fitted without any leaks or gaps.

  • The reflective tubes inside the skylight reflect almost all of the light and can be adjusted for different angles. The insides are coated with Miro Silver, one of the best reflective materials currently in existence. Therefore, the degree of light transmission achieved is excellent and works well even in low light situations.

  • Built in glass diffusers take out the bite from the sunlight and let in soft, even light in your room. The three lenses are also effective protection against solar heat gain in summer months, or condensation problems during winter. You also have the choice to use other diffusers if you wish.


With the kind of superior performance that Tubular Daylighting Systems delivers, it can be a great choice for homes that want bright, natural lighting without having to turn on the power.

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