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Tubular Daylighting System Review

Tubular_Daylighting_System_Review1.jpgTubular daylighting is an innovative way to use sunlight without its adverse effects. They are designed to bring in natural light from the roof to the interior rooms. Tubular daylighting system has emerged to be effective filter for sunlight. Another advantage of tubular lights is that they can be used regardless the distance between the ceiling of the room and the roof. Tubular lighting illuminates space with natural lighting via a highly reflective ‘light tube’. Light tubes are also known as sun scopes, solar light pipes, light wells and many other names. The idea is to guide sunlight through the pipe and use it to illuminate dark rooms. These lighting systems vary in scope, size, and complexity.


The tubular daylighting devices are much more compact than the traditional skylights and thus are easier to install. They are highly recommended for smaller rooms like closets, bathrooms, hallways, storage, etc. ceiling diffusers used in tubular lights helps spread light over a larger area than normal skylights. Also, they have the advantage of being waterproof and provide complete insulation from extreme outdoor temperatures. The amount of lighting achieved through a tubular system depends on its size and reflective property.


The reflex optic technology however allows maximum use of natural light during dark hours like early morning and late afternoon. These installations are even UV protected and don’t allows the harsh rays to enter the rooms. Further, the adjustable tubes can pass in more than 98% of the natural light. The tubes are specially layered in micro silver polymer for the best use of natural lighting.


The tubular daylighting systems are built in a way that all advantages of natural light can be enjoyed inside the household without the harsh dark spots and heat gain. They act as amazing diffusers and simultaneous help reduce the electricity usage of the household.

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