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The Best Attic Ladder - Choose Correctly

The_Best_Attic_Ladder_-_Choose_Correctly.jpgAttic ladders have come a long way in terms of quality and durability. Not long in the past, the Australian market was rife with products that had no set standard of quality to adhere to. Since the last few years, however, the attic ladder industry has undergone a change for the better and better products have started coming in as a result. Currently, there are a number of different types of attic ladders that you can consider purchasing for your requirements. Knowing more about these different types will enable you to choose correctly while making a purchase.


Different Types of Attic Ladders

Attic ladders can be classified into two broad categories- pull-downs and folding ladder types. Pull-down attic ladders are made so as not to take space while not in use and need to be installed in a special way. Folding ladders are generally easier to set up and are more in tune with use in small areas. While pull-down ladders can easily be hidden from view, you have a lot more of design options to choose from with folding ladders.


Folding ladders can come in the form of

  1. Disappearing stairs that slide into your attic space to move away from view,
  2. Accordion stairs which use hinges to unfold and
  3. Telescopic ladders which can be unfolded one rung at a time.

Once you have chosen your design, take a look at the material. While wooden ladders might easier to use and fold, aluminium ladders are much more durable and can be easier to carry around. You also need to take a close look at the sturdiness of the material and build quality, as attic ladders are liable to face a lot of wear with regular use. Last but not the least, do get clear information about the amount of weight the ladder you choose to buy can bear.

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