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Skylight Condensation – How to Correct the Problem

Skylight_Condensation.jpgCondensation is denoted by the presence of moisture laden air on the colder glass surface of skylights. While it isn’t a problem during the warmer seasons, it does cause nuisance during the cold winters in Australia. This is also when you would want maximum light to enter through the skylight and balance the temperature inside and outside the house, hence the need to rectify the problem of condensation forming on the skylights.


There are several ways of correcting condensation problem with skylights. Immediate short term solutions include raising the temperature inside the skylight or increasing the humidity level inside the house. However, these aren’t long term solutions. It is always better to consult with an expert to solve the problem permanently without hampering the efficacy of the device.


Steps to correct condensation

  1. An alternative is to reduce the humidity inside the house. Humidity reduction is facilitated by using dryers and washers outside, blocking all the crawl spaces using plastic, using humidifiers and using ventilation fans in kitchens and bathrooms. You may also consider installing a dehumidifier near the skylight itself.

  2. A crude but rapid way to reduce condensation deposits is to guide a fan (pedestal, etc) inside the house towards the skylight. This will push the warm air towards the skylight and the moisture will drop off. However, this is just a momentary measure. Further, this technique also depends upon the distance between the fan and the skylight. In severe winter conditions, this process isn’t going to give you the desired results.

  3. Also try covering your skylights with a window film. Just take the accurate measurement of your skylights and cut window films so that it matches the size of the vents. Before you put on the film, ensure that the skylight itself is thoroughly cleaned. You may use detergent and brush to do the same. Press the film against the glass surface and if cut in perfect measurements, it should stick firmly.

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