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Sizing and Choosing Pulldown Attic Stairs

Sizing_and_Choosing_Pulldown_Attic.JPGAttic stairs provide you with easy access to your attic region. Since an attic stair is essentially a ladder, it needs to be just the right size and sturdily built to serve its purpose of allowing people to transport good and items to and from attic to other rooms. Many people do not pay much attention to their attic stairs and sometimes even manage with stairs that are old, loose or not functioning properly. Not paying enough attention to the quality and functionality of your attic stairs and can sometimes even cause injury through falls and sprains. For this reason, it is extremely important to correctly size and choose your pulldown attic stairs for the sake of adequate convenience, solid performance and safety.



The first thing you should do with attic stairs is to ensure the sturdiness and weight-taking capabilities of the product. To this end, check all the hinges, nuts, bolts and springs and ensure that they are secure and solid. Make sure that the pivot arms of the ladder are straight and the threads on the screws have integrity. If you need replacement parts for your ladder, you can get them from most of the manufacturers in Australia. However, if you see that you need to make too many repairs for the ladder to hold, it is probably for the best if you scrap it and buy a new one.



Once you ascertain the right height you need for you ladder, you have to make your choice for material. Choose between wooden, aluminium and steel after carefully considering your requirements. There are also a number of designs usually available that you can pick from. Take careful notice of the width of the treads as they provide support during use. Also, measure the floor area taken by the base. swing clearance and landing width on particular models, keeping in mind the requirements of your home before making the final choice.

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