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Roof Ventilation System Review

Roof_Ventilation_System.jpgSummers in Australia looks to be getting hotter with each passing year. For these conditions, a roof ventilation system would serve the purpose well by regulating the temperature inside the house. Roof ventilation system is a critical aspect of the household. Here we look at three different varieties of roof ventilation system. All the reviewed ventilator types are variants of the Whirlybird designs. Aptly designed by keeping in mind the requirements of a small household; the Whirlybird ventilation act to continuously circulate the air in and out of the household, keeping the environment fresh.



The Windmaster features a high efficiency clear acrylic ventilation system, allowing both natural lighting and air to enter into indoor spaces. The body is made of light weight aluminum and looks classy. They help in removing heat trapped under the ceiling and moisture trapped under roof during winters.


Benefits of the Product:

  • Comes with easy to replace steel bearings

  • Zero operating cost

  • 15 year warranty

  • Lightweight and classy

  • Eliminates the chances of mildew

  • Reduces load on air conditioning

  • Saves upon electricity bills

  • Silent and smooth motor

  • 25 color variants



A highly efficient and compact polycarbonate roof ventilation system, the Supavent can work in the most sober wind conditions. This is particularly helpful in still summer days with little wind.


Benefits of the Product:

  • Can be used both on metal and tiled roofs

  • 15 year warranty

  • Can withstand speed of 216 km/hr

  • Perfect for coastal conditions

  • UV stable

  • High resistant polymer

  • Silent and smooth operation


Another exceptional quality ventilation duct, this is perfect for sheds and roof storage spaces. It additionally provides the advantages of a skylight bringing fresh air and sunlight into the room.


Benefits of the Product:

  • Reflective aluminum material for sky-lighting

  • UV stably and hail resistant

  • 15 year warranty

  • Withstand severe winds
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