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Leaky Skylight Repairing Tips

Leaky_Skylight_Repairing_Tips.jpgSkylights are popular illumination accessories in Australia. However a leaky skylight can create considerable inconvenience. Not only does it look bad aesthetically, it opens up your house to a number of possible damage and can also cause rotting of surrounding wooden materials. If you have a leaky skylight, the quicker your fix it the better off you will be. Unless there is a major issue with your skylight or its surrounding areas, you should be able to make the necessary repairs yourself with a little effort. Here are some important tips that you should keep in mind -


  1. The first thing you need to do if you notice water on the inside of your skylight is to ascertain for sure that there is a leak. For all you know, your skylight might be partially open or the water might be coming from condensation inside the skylight glass. Check and eliminate these possible scenarios to be certain that there is indeed a leak.
  2. Check the weather seals on your skylight and make sure that they are in a good working condition.
  3. Make sure that you clean the debris like dust, dirt and fallen leaves around your skylight to have a better view of things.
  4. Inspect and ensure whether the roofing is laid down firm and flat. If there is any area where it seems loose, that might be the precise source of the leak.
  5. Carefully inspect the flashing around the skylight to be certain that there are no holes or cracks through which water can seep in.
  6. If you notice a breach in the insulated glass of the skylight, you can try sealing the breach or getting a replacement for the glass.
  7. If the breach is in the roofing or flashing, you can seal the area in question by using rooting cement to prevent further leaking.
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