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Leaking Skylight: Why It Happens and What to Do


The purpose of skylights is to allow the entry of sun light into the interiors and provide gentle yet useful illumination. The effect that this gives to your rooms can be very pleasing, creating the sensation of spaciousness and cleanliness. If you have a leaking skylight, the effect can be the exact opposite. Leaking skylights can be a major cause for concern, leaving your room vulnerable to water damage and causing considerable inconvenience. If you are currently facing a problem with your leaking skylight, here are a few important things you should know.


Possible Causes

The first thing you should check if you notice water leaking from your skylight is if your skylight is closed tight. Also check if the moisture is coming from condensation inside the skylight casing. When you have eliminated these possibilities, you can be sure that your skylight has developed a crack or leak. What remains to be done now is to pinpoint the exact location of the crack or leak. This will help to carry out necessary repairs to alleviate the problem.


What to do

You need to carry out a careful inspection of the skylight and the area of the roof around it to find out the exact location of the leak. Check if the adjacent roofing is nailed down firmly. Next, check if there is any damage to the flashing around your skylight. The flashing is what forms the watertight covering around your skylight and any damage to this can very well be the reason you have a leaking skylight.


When you find the problem area and identify the location of the crack or leak, you can then proceed to repair it by cleaning the area thoroughly and carefully applying rooting cement sealer. This should be enough to stop any leaks resulting from your skylight. If you do not feel confident of tackling this on your own you can very well consult skylight repair experts who can do the work for you.

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