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Installing Skylights let the Sunshine in and Enhance the Interiors

Installing SkylightsSkylights are literally like windows on the roof. They function the same as windows, in that, they offer natural light, ventilation, and overall comfort to any residential or commercial space. During the day, skylights let the sunshine in and during night they offer clear view of beautiful starry sky.


Considered as a luxurious addition at one point, skylights are becoming more and more popular among home-owners who prefer eco-friendly homes. Installation of skylights is not as expensive as it used to be, hence, many existing home-owners are getting them installed in their roofs or ceilings. And why not, with so many advantages of skylights, the installation costs seem like a minor investment, and are easily covered within a short time.


Let’s briefly take a look at the benefits of skylights.


Health Benefits

The early morning sun is known to have a positive impact on the psyche and body. Sunlight is important to produce Vitamin D and enhance the production of serotonin, which helps elevate moods and increase energy levels. Installing skylights let the sunshine in, especially when installed in the east. As the sun rises, the sun rays will not only lighten up the area but also provide necessary sunlight to enrich the body and mind.


Monetary Benefits

Since skylights provide adequate natural light, home-owners do not need to utilize any lighting fixtures or artificial lighting to brighten up the area, thus, saving on electricity costs during the day. When placed strategically, skylights can efficiently increase natural lighting, even in areas where artificial lighting is not effective in the interiors of a home.


Skylights placed in the southern part of a home can provide passive solar heating during winter, thus, reducing heating costs. Skylights in the western part of a home can reduce cooling costs during summer. Skylights can be kept shaded during summer or winter, when they are not required during those months.


Helpful Hints for Installing Skylights

Install Triple or Double Pane: Double pane skylight reduces heat loss by as much as 20% when as opposed to skylights with single pane. These skylights help in saving up to $2,500 over life of skylights.


Install Low E Glazing Skylights: Skylights with low e glazing blocks a great amount of heat transfer. Thus, during summer, they reduce heat from entering into homes and during winter they reduce heat loss.


Install Skylights with Ventilation: This is another important aspect to be considered while installing skylights. Installing skylights with ventilation will help in recycling the air. It improves air circulation and reduces poor quality air that can lead tohealth issues.


Skylights are a great way to improve the interiors of a home or an office. Adopting this eco-friendly and green option will go a long way in doing your bit for the environment.

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