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How to Install a Skylight in Your Roof?


A skylight window lets in up to 35 percent more light into a room compared to a tradional window. There are several things that you need to consider when buying the skylight. One of them is whether you need a large one or several small ones. In addition, you need to consider if you need a skylight that allows clear viewing or a plastic one, which is less expensive. It may be easy to install a skylight, but it can pose a challenge. If you are wondering how to install a Skylight in Your Roof, you can follow these steps.


Step One

The first thing that you need to do is to measure the size of the skylight and then inspect your roof to determine where you are going to install it. You can also place your skylight on your ceiling where you want to place it and then use a marker to trace an outline.


Step Two

The next thing is to drill a hole in the center of the outline in order to use it as a locator hole once you are on the outside. You can place a wire through the locator hole so that you can easily find it when you are on top of the roof.


Step Three

The third step is to climb your roof and locate the hole that you just drilled. You then need to trace your skylight on your roof using the marker. You then cut out this outline using a circular saw. The support system of your skylight can be strengthened by installing header joists, placing them opposite your roof joists. For horizontal joists, you can go vertical in order to install them opposite your roof joists. You can then cut out your ceiling ready to install your skylight.


Step Four

Remove the shingles by following the outline that you have made. You can then place your skylight in the hole that you have made on your roof. Ensure that your skylight is centered when putting it in place. You then need to screw the skylight to the header that you had installed earlier. You need to insert screws around the perimeter of the skylight in order to hold it in position. The next thing is to roll flashing round the skylight’s perimeter, nailing it using roofing nails.


Step Five

Finally, inspect the installation to ensure that everything is sealed properly and that there are no cracks or gaps that are visible.

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