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How a Proper Ventilation System Maintains Your Roof

How_a_Proper_Ventilation_System_Maintains.jpgFor all homes, having a properly maintained and functional roof is of great importance. Imagine some of the benefits a sturdy roof provides to your family –

  1. With good maintenance, your roof becomes more durable and longer lasting,

  2. Over time, a well maintained roof needs repairs less frequently

  3. It gives you lasting and round the clock protection against the elements and extreme weather conditions.


The one most important factor that has a big part to play on the overall performance and life span of your roof is your ventilation system. It has been found that a roof with a proper ventilation system can be expected to last at least 25% longer than one without appropriate ventilation. For this reason, it is important to know the impact proper ventilation can have on the longevity of roofs. This will ensure that you get proper ventilation installed in your house.


Why it is Crucial to have a Proper Ventilation System

The most important aspect of proper roof ventilation is that it lets hot air and moisture escape from your home’s roof, thus keeping interiors soothing and cool. Unless the hot air is allowed to escape, it can build heat in your attic and underneath your roof, causing a significant amount of damage. Excess heat might make your roof sheathing brittle and cause it to fall apart under heavy loads or due to extreme weather.


You need to carefully choose your ventilation system based on the shape, size and material of your roof. Calculate the amount of venting you would need for your roof area and make sure that you do not put in fewer vents than you need. Also, vents come in different designs and with different features- starting from basic ones and going up to electronic smart vents with thermostat control. Whichever model you choose to use, periodically check them to ensure that hot air and moisture is allowed to vent out and there is no barrier to its functionality.

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