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How Much Do Skylights Cost ?

Skylights.jpgWhen you are planning the design of your dream home, a great way to illuminate darker rooms and areas during the daytime is to install skylights. Skylights are windows that are built on to the roof of a house, typically set in the same angle of the roof in case of inclined roofs. They allow great daytime illumination without extra cost, and present an environment-friendly way to light up those darker rooms. Skylights come in various shapes and sizes, and offer a multitude of different features along with their illumination. If you want to install skylights, the total cost of the effort will depend on the kind of model of skylight you want to purchase, and the process of installation. Here are a few things that will determine your total expenditure –

  1. Product - The skylight itself is a product that needs to be selected from a range. There are various different models on offer in the market, sporting different features – domed as well as glass. A simple skylight would cost anywhere between $150 and $500. Tubular skylights which offer much more illumination while taking up less space are usually available within $200 and $600 for most brands. Many models which offer extra features like UV filters and thermal filters might cost more in accordance with their feature set. Vented models which offer electronic and remote control can cost up to $1500 depending on make and model.

  2. Installation – Installation costs for skylights depends mainly on the amount of work involved, and should vary from house to house. It is also dependent on the type of skylight being installed. Standard and tubular skylights typically take from $400-$1000 to install, depending on the workmanship and finishing involved. Vented skylights require additional work involving electricians, and can set you back by up to $4000 in case of feature-rich models.
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