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Common Skylight Accessories

Common_Skylight_Accessories.jpgNatural sunlight comes with many advantages. It’s the cheapest source of day lighting and adds to the health and hygiene of closed spaces. Allowing sunlight into the house also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the room. Studies have further revealed that well ventilated and day lit households are more productive. Daylight can be controlled in many ways. Skylights can act as diffusers and reduce the harshness of direct sunlight. Homes in temperate and arid regions in Australia add skylights as necessary components of the household. However, when planning to use sunlight in the best possible way, there are several skylight accessories that can help.


One of the most commonly used skylight accessory is shade. Available in cellular and roller variants, skylight shades permit heat regulation inside a room. If you are looking for cool insulation, shades are a perfect accessory. Generally, they are made of aluminum coated fabric material and are available in a variety of colors. Manually operated skylight shades have a handle or you may have to invest in a skylight pole to operate the shades effectively. If your ceiling is too high, skylight poles are necessary tools to keep handy. The pole is further facilitated by an adapter.


Modern technology also enables controlling of skylight shades through remotes. These skylights are particularly expensive to install but will have a variety of beneficial features. Operated via motors, transformers, back-up batteries and rain sensors, adjustments can be made within the click of a second. Remote control systems have made the use of skylights more convenient. One may even operate all the different skylights in the household with a single remote.


Howsoever, if you are looking to save upon electricity with the use of skylights, the remotely operated variants doesn’t fit right. Other than these, there are several other accessories available for skylights and aimed to make the household a more comfortable place to live in.

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