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Are Skylight Shades Necessary

CM_Skylight_s.jpgSkylights are necessary addition to any room. It not just adds to the health and hygiene of the household but also beautifies it. In addition to its functional use, it’s amazing looking into the starry sky through the skylight or watching the rain fall amidst the thunder clouds. Skylights have been used for a long time to improve indoor lighting and make maximum use of sun’s rays. However, along with natural light, skylights can also guide the degree of heat into the room. Consequently, during the winters, it will bring down the indoor temperatures. This is the basic reason that skylights shades have evolved as important interiors accessories.


There are some reasons why one may be reluctant to go for skylight shades. One is the incomplete knowledge about how to extract the best functionality from the skylights. To bring down the intensity of heat and passage of cold and warm waves through the skylights, many home owners use external shutters. However, this is not an advisable process and owners will require to actually reaching the skylight from inside or outside the house. In extreme weather condition, this is next to impossible. Some people also choose UV coated films/frosted films. This does help in room insulation but can act as a barrier to necessary natural light from entering the room.


The best way to address these challenges is to install a skylight shade. They come in form of roller blind or more sophisticated remote controlled shade. Skylight shades come in a variety of colors and can add to the ambience of a household thus lending an aesthetics allure to the theme of the house. Since it allows natural light to pass through, the health benefits of the same on your family members cannot be undermined in any way. Regulation and control of the amount of heat passing through the skylight too becomes easy with changing temperatures. These pointers demonstrate the value provided by skylight shades and why they form an essential part of house furnishings.

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