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If you are looking for an economical and easy solution to access your roof storage space, then a Kimberley Attic Ladder is for you.

Available in premium wood or heavy duty aluminium, the attic ladder can be either fully installed by our tradesman or installed by the home handyman. Each ladder comes complete with easy to understand instructions.

The attic ladder range offers models to suit most truss & joist ceilings and the Kimberley Attic ladders are designed and engineered to comply with Occupational Health and Safety. Some attic ladder models also include a locking latch as standard, however we can offer a lock on most models at an additional charge.

Features of the various attic ladders include:
  • Easily adjustable spring tension.
  • Extra corner bracing keeps stairway frame square.
  • Fits standard 600mm ceiling joist centres.
  • Exclusive EZ-Hang strap system makes them easy to install.
  • Power arm hinge features one piece construction, no welded joints.
  • Available with standard plywood door or a smooth finish MDF door.
  • Soft close, smooth gas strut operation means no slamming when closing.
  • Insulated door helps to reduce energy costs.
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